Monday, September 15, 2014

Refresh my Soul

How do you refresh your soul?  Is there only ONE way of doing it?  I personally don't think so.  I find that my soul feels refreshed with a variety of things.  To name a few; spending time with Jesus, reading my Bible, praying, listening to worship music (praising Jesus), exercise, organizing, spending time with family or a friend, sometimes even watching a movie.

Last Thursday I had planned to spend some time with one of my best friends (I have several BFFs :) ).  We have both been so busy with getting ready for school & school starting that we had not had the time to just hang out together.  But we had worked a time into our schedules and Thursday was it!  And when I left from the few hours we spent talking together, I felt refreshed.  I knew that I wanted to share this with all of you because it is very important to make sure to take time to refresh your soul.  We are made of 3 parts; 1.) Body 2.) Soul and 3.) Spirit.  Our soul is also made up of 3 parts, our a.) mind b.) will  and c.) emotions  And the condition of our soul is connected to our level of peace.  A recent sermon I was listening to talked about our soul and when the soul is healed & refreshed, you'll have peace.  I was fortunate enough that I also had a scheduled best friends time on Friday evening and when I left from my friends, I was even more refreshed.

I find it so unbelievably cool that God knows exactly what we need and His timing is amazing!

"Thank you Lord for refreshing my soul.  Please guide others to learn how to put you first and learn how to refresh their soul as well.  It makes for more peace and joy in our lives. And when we have you at the top of the priority list, everything else seems to fall into place so much better!  Jesus, send true, loyal, loving friends to each of those reading this blog, so they can know how wonderful it is to have a friend that helps make them better because that is a blessing.  Help us to choose friendships that sharpen us and to recognize when friendships do the opposite. If we have the latter kind of friendships, guide us to know what you would have us do about that friendship. We long to follow your will and your plan. In Jesus' name, Amen."

God's word says he will refresh our soul.
Psalm 23:3 (NIV)
HE refreshes my soul. HE guides me along the right paths for HIS name's sake.

Here is more of Psalm 23. It is a Psalm that is known by many and states right in it that he will refresh our soul.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

With God I will triumph!

Had the tumor marker drawn yesterday. Result should be in by next week sometime.  I have been feeling stronger. Praise GOD!  I'm pleased that I am able to do more of the things I used to do. Still have to try not to overdo it though. But I TRUST God and know that He is healing me!

The doctor said that since I've received 12 shots of the bone strengthening meds he wants to drop it down to once every 3 months instead of every month.  Apparently there aren't any good studies to show the very best way to give this drug so he's airing on the side of caution and starting to spread the shots out.  That means that I have to go in to have the port flushed each month by the nurse but won't have any labs drawn until I go back at the beginning of December.  I guess this is what one would call a holding pattern & seems to be the norm to check every 3 months when things are appearing good. Can I hear a Praise GOD! again? Lol

We talked about what the timing of breast surgery might look like and I was told that I don't have to rush to make a decision whether to have it done or not done.  If I go and do it now, it will require a full mastectomy and then reconstruction which seems more complicated & painful than I had originally thought before obtaining information from the plastic surgeon.  Since they don't know how this will all play out because of the breast cancer metastasized into my bones, they don't want me to be in pain or to have to have several surgeries.  They want to be sure that I can spend as much time with my family as possible & have a good value of life.  Both the breast & plastic surgeon are very skilled and seem to be looking for the best way to take care of me that they know how.  I feel as though the tumor is still shrinking some so when Adam & I met with the plastic surgeon last month, we had decided to just wait for at least a month to make a decision about surgery.  It's a pretty permanent decision and we want to follow God's will for this journey and Adam & I both felt comfortable postponing for at least 1 month.  That month is nearly up now and though we aren't being told we need to make a decision right now, we need to talk about it again & keep seeking God's plan for whether surgery is in my future or whether the healing will come in another avenue.  Surgery would require 1-2 nights in the hospital. No doing ANYTHING for like a week. Followed by another full week of very little activity.  Probably no driving for 2 weeks from surgery and then a total of 6 weeks to a full recovery from the date of surgery if no complications arise.  Not my favorite option but we are fully considering it & as I have said before, we know that God's path of healing can mean surgery or perhaps supernatural ways or something in between.

I have started trying to juice at least 1 day a week right now so as to get more vitamins & minerals into my body to help my immune system.  I am looking to juice about 3 days a week because I think that is the path God has for me.  I don't think that I will solely juice all my meals but I am trying to cut or limit certain foods, (like dairy & sugar).  I still drink my Shakeology.  Sometimes it's what helps me get some of the not so tasty supplements down because I really like the flavor of my Vegan chocolate Shakeology, thankfully I can hide other stuff in my smoothie each morning.  I really have to just make the time to get the juicing done (it's actually fun with the juicer that I'm borrowing from my parents) but it can take some time to prep the veggies.  And I must say that I am bummed about the cheese but I'm sure I'll get over that after awhile.  Well... maybe. lol  Whatever the case may be, I feel that God wants me to use the information I learned in college as I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, my love for food & research to help fuel my body as much as I can to beat this disease!  I am trying to be proactive in my care & what I put into my body.  Prior to being diagnosed last year, we had switched to using a lot of Melaleuca products to cut down on the amount of chemicals in our house.  I was trying to go with a more natural way of doing things but no matter how much I use vinegar, it still smells not so good with my sensitive nose & I have a hard time getting over that so Melaleuca products is the way we went.  And then I was diagnosed in Oct 2013 and we still use Melaleuca products.  I have actually stopped using some of the hair products I had initially purchased because I found that the more natural shampoo, an herbal blend, is better for us.

Finding balance, it's something I always seem to struggle with.  I'm sure if I would go back & re-read blog posts from the last few years there would be this theme of trying to be more organized and consistent, as well as finding balance for everything.

My days are filled with waking kids up EARLY, getting them ready & out the door, dropping them off at school & then getting some chores done that the kids used to help me with.  The dishes still need put away. The laundry still needs washed, dried, & put away & Sadie still needs to have time with mommy & grocery shopping as well as all sorts of other things need to get done.  I give working moms a TON of credit for working outside your home as well as all the mom stuff at home.  And moms staying at home, it's not easy to send your kiddos off to school & still be home to get all those things done. Time management is essential & if I plan to teach my children good time management, I need to get better at it myself.  And then there are the moms who stay at home but school their kids too as well as all the other mom/wife stuff.  WOW!  Talk about a lot of work!  Great job to all the moms, no matter what your situation is.  Loving your kids & teaching them how to do things the right way is a lot of work!  I can't say it the same way for dads as I'm not a dad but dads do an amazing job as well.  Keep up the great work parents, it's hard work but will be well worth it to see our children grow up to be great people, loving, caring, kind, owning their own faith (that's super important to me), and so much more!