Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My first day of PT

My plan when I was to see the Physical Therapist (PT) was to get some exercises to do at home and not really go back very much because I figured that I already have so many appointments for myself and then all the ones for the kids. I'm just getting appointmented out. If that's a thing. Lol But I wanted to keep an open mind because I have pain in my low back on and off depending on what I do and a constant pain in my heel, partially from all the gained weight due to steroids and chemo treatments. It hurts terribly and causes fatigue more than I'd like. Well today, I saw a wonderful Physical Therapist and she was able to make my heel not hurt for awhile. She also loosened up the muscles in my hip and made me feel lighter. I was so excited and thrilled and surprised for this to happen that I actually started to tear up. At first it was because as she was working it really, I mean REALLY hurt. But when she was finished and I got up to walk around, I couldn't believe how amazing I felt. I was actually thinking that unless God removed all the pain or I started taking pain meds daily, I would be stuck with the pain. NOPE. I was praising God and thanking my PT and told her that I'd do my stretches and come back the 2 times each week to get better.

So Friday I go back. The pain free walking lasted for a few hours but I know that it will get better. I will continue healing just like God told me.

On another note, please pray that I can get some resolutions. I appealed to our insurance for them to cover some charges with the chemo treatments and they denied my appeal. I am bummed because things like this shouldn't be a problem. It's quite frustrating. I am thankful that the hospital will give me a discount but it adds up quickly. I just have to remind myself that God will provide and all will turn out just fine.

In the meantime, I'm going to work at getting myself more flexible and stronger. 

Jeannette :)