Thursday, June 4, 2015

God Wants You Healed; not just from physical hurts but emotional hurts too!

So I started this post last week and with everything going on and trying to get into a new groove of things, this has taken me much longer to share than I wanted it to. I could go and reference a few other posts that I shared on the blog awhile back that talk about healing but I thought since there are a few people that would like me to share scriptures about healing, I'll just share again. But feel free to go back and read old posts that may speak to you. A few links to older posts. Less than Spectacular Day Refresh my Soul   Fear Not

I was sent a booklet last year that came from called The Healing Word. In it, Joyce addresses a few kinds of disease that we need healing from. She shares on page 3 "God wants to make you whole. He doesn't want you to spend the rest of your life hurting. As long as we're not functioning the way He intends us to function, there is a disease there - whether it's a mental one, a physical one, a spiritual one, or an emotional one - and we need to let God bring wholeness to that area." Joyce Meyer.  Jesus can heal you everywhere you hurt!  The Healing Word article  Please check out the FREE Download section of this article I've shared. It contains the scriptures that will help you find the healing you need and they are God's word, the TRUTH!

What I thought I'd do is try to compile several of these verses into something you can download and print that has a little more visual pizzazz. If you know me, you know I love words and I believe that they are powerful. I have read these scriptures from the FREE Download section many, many times. They are what I read when I need the reminder of God's promises to me from His word. I often print scriptures out or write them on cards and hang them up in my home so I can visually be reminded of God's promises and it helps me Stand FIRM on His word! When you fill your mind with positive and uplifting things like God's Truth, it will help you renew your mind and be able to tell those lies that satan tries to weasel into your mind to go away. You will start to recognize the lies the more you spend time in God's word. I encourage you to read the Bible but if for some reason or another that you don't read your Bible, at least read scripture that will build you up. Print something out or write them on 3x5 cards. You won't regret it!

If you would like the Word document that I have put together with the pizzazzy verses, just email me and I'll do my best to get it to you. I don't have the capability to put it as a downloadable link on my blog because I'm just not that in the know about technology to do it or host something like that.