Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The story behind the name

So I was recently asked "what is Pierce Productions anyway.  It sounds like a production company of sorts."  I chuckled a little & then proceeded to explain the story of how the name came about & that it is what I call my little home of a blog on the web.

Many years ago when Adam & I were dating we LOVED to watched movies together.  Actually, we still do.  Anyway, we were in a 'dreaming up phase' & we thought it might be neat to own our own theater so we could watch the newest movies essentially for free.  Now don't go wrecking our 'dream' with all the realistic things about running a business okay.  That just won't do. lol  It was talked about but never in the way that we planned to put it into action.

Obviously this was not a practical thing for either of us because neither of us wanted to really "own" a business but it was fun to think about it.  We had actually come up with the name for our theater & it would have been "Pierce Productions".  Pretty cool right?  We thought so!

Fast forward to reality & instead of getting into something like owning a theater, I started making scrapbooks on Shutterfly.  I thought they needed some consistency when I made them so I decided to use "Pierce Productions" on each photobook that I made.  I even had a Shutterfly House Party a few years ago & encouraged others that if they wanted, they could pick a name to go with on each of their photobooks.

When I decided to do a blog a few years ago I also named it Pierce Productions but had the name at the top as adamandjeannette.  Not many people know how to spell my name correctly & were having trouble getting to our blog so I made a new blog and since I'm not super savvy with my computer skills, I didn't know how to redirect it to our new location & so my old blog just sits there. If you ever visit it, you'll notice that I actually had Pierce Productions as the name at the top of it.  I like the sound of it as well as the history behind the name so it will stay.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Preschool, Paper Passer, & MEAP Testing

These are the things being talked about & being done in our home lately.  Thought I'd share from the youngest to the oldest for the kiddos.

Morgan is doing great in preschool so far. She's had a few mornings where she doesn't want me to leave which makes me thankful that the other two were bused to Headstart.  It's harder when she gets in those moods.  She's making many friends but says there is one girl that told her the 1st day that she wasn't her friend & didn't want to play with.  I tried to explain that maybe she said she's not her friend because she doesn't know Morgan yet.  Who knows.  That's the part I hate about them being around other people. They get their feelings hurt & don't exactly understand why someone would treat them that way.  On the other hand, it is good for her to learn that our way of life is not the only way.  That being said, her teacher came over for a visit today & did some simple testing to see what Morgan can do & she quickly breezed through all the 'test' questions & added some hilarious flare to her answers.  Quite entertaining for sure.

Braly has been having trouble with temper tantrums lately & being angry.  I think I've pinpointed his behavior to lack of a close friend at school.  He says that no one will play with him at recess unless he happens to be doing what they want to do at that time.  Then they will 'sort of' play with him.  Let me tell you this breaks  my heart into a zillion pieces.  He's such a sweet & kind boy that I don't understand why this is happening.  I've been trying to coach him about how to 'make' friends but its a work in progress.  On an up note, he is the paper passer in class this week & he's pretty happy about that.  He likes to be helpful & when his other teachers figured that out & assigned him to help other students or to have a job, he did so great in class.  I think he passed his pre-spelling test again today so we only have to practice his dictation sentences.  Makes it less time consuming for homework which is nice with 3 kids all doing something.

Gabby got sick over the weekend & spent Saturday just relaxing.  Then Sunday we thought there was a slight chance her nasty looking throat might be strep so we sat at the Fast Care clinic for a few hours waiting to be seen.  It was so busy.  Strep test was negative so we are doing the classic gargle with salt water, drink plenty of fluids, rest, etc.  Her feeling lousy sure isn't going to help with the rest of the MEAP testing she has to do tomorrow & Wednesday but at least its the last 2 days & she'll be done.  I must say that I am impressed that she is able to finish all her questions.  I know she won't get a perfect score but she is a pretty smart cookie, even in math, which is her least favorite subject & the one she struggles with the most & she'll probably test out at above average.

I haven't been sleeping well with the kids taking turns being sick or just waking me up from bad dreams or whatever so I'm tired & heading to bed.

I leave you with this quote since I want to make sure to be encouraging in some way.

Part of cultivating a good life is making every little choice in such a way that you know, at the end of today, that you had no regrets.  ~Becky Higgins

I hope that you had no regrets for today.  Have a peaceful sleep family & friends. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morgan's 1st Day of Preschool

I just can't believe that 4 1/2 years ago Morgan was born.  And today I dropped her off for her first day of preschool without me.  She was so excited & couldn't stop talking about what fun she was going to have & telling me everything they were going to do.  It's absolutely amazing that she was told these things ONCE & she remembered them as if they were tattooed to her brain.  Just goes to show how smart she is & yet how she is so headstrong that she chooses what she will remember & when.

I was proud of her & how well she did getting her locker open by herself & putting her backpack & jacket into it.  She gave me a few hugs & kisses & then told me she would line up & I could leave.  I took my cue & headed down the hall to stand at the edge of the corner to watch how things played out.  There were about 17 kids in the class, a hall full of parents & other younger siblings & it seemed like pure CHAOS from where I stood.  I prayed for her to have a wonderful day & be safe while in someone else's care & waiting for the teachers to take the kids into the classroom just in case they had some last minute instructions they blurted out before everyone left.  As the children filed into the class there were a few apprehensive ones that had to be coaxed inside. Mine, however, was NOT one of them.  She walked standing tall & with her hands behind her back as if she'd done this a million times.  As I watched with a smile that was across my whole face I realized how proud & how ready she really was for this day.  I have no doubt she will give us many headaches & make us wonder if we know at all what we are doing as parents but I have faith that she will turn out just as God intends for her to.  She began life struggling to survive.  She will no doubt use the fight in her for things that will make Adam & I want to pull our hair out at times but only at times.  With God's help, we will guide her to use that fight she was born with to help others & to glorify God's kingdom.  I see great things happening with this little one & it makes me a very proud Momma. God just keeps showing me how truly blessed I am.  I pray that each person that reads my blog will find the blessings that God has bestowed upon each of you.  Sometimes they seem small but I believe they are still out there.

I'll have to add a picture of my growing girl soon.  Tonight is much too late to mess with electronics.