Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The story behind the name

So I was recently asked "what is Pierce Productions anyway.  It sounds like a production company of sorts."  I chuckled a little & then proceeded to explain the story of how the name came about & that it is what I call my little home of a blog on the web.

Many years ago when Adam & I were dating we LOVED to watched movies together.  Actually, we still do.  Anyway, we were in a 'dreaming up phase' & we thought it might be neat to own our own theater so we could watch the newest movies essentially for free.  Now don't go wrecking our 'dream' with all the realistic things about running a business okay.  That just won't do. lol  It was talked about but never in the way that we planned to put it into action.

Obviously this was not a practical thing for either of us because neither of us wanted to really "own" a business but it was fun to think about it.  We had actually come up with the name for our theater & it would have been "Pierce Productions".  Pretty cool right?  We thought so!

Fast forward to reality & instead of getting into something like owning a theater, I started making scrapbooks on Shutterfly.  I thought they needed some consistency when I made them so I decided to use "Pierce Productions" on each photobook that I made.  I even had a Shutterfly House Party a few years ago & encouraged others that if they wanted, they could pick a name to go with on each of their photobooks.

When I decided to do a blog a few years ago I also named it Pierce Productions but had the name at the top as adamandjeannette.  Not many people know how to spell my name correctly & were having trouble getting to our blog so I made a new blog and since I'm not super savvy with my computer skills, I didn't know how to redirect it to our new location & so my old blog just sits there. If you ever visit it, you'll notice that I actually had Pierce Productions as the name at the top of it.  I like the sound of it as well as the history behind the name so it will stay.

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