Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Attention Guys

Hey guys,  I didn't want you to feel left out so I'm posting this message to you but you need to hurry quick in order to get in on this challenge.  No, it's not to wear a little black  How would you guys like to look great in a nice suit?  Here's the challenge for you.  Contact me for details but you must HURRY!  Time is running out to join this challenge. or friend me on facebook

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Dress Challenge

Every year the holiday season is the same time of year & yet it creeps up on us like we have no clue its coming.  We don't save for the presents we intend to buy. We vow that we'll eat healthier & move more but we don't and all we say is we just want to make it through the holidays & then we'll start making healthier choices.  We say that we'll sign up for less so we can take a few things off our schedules but it seems as though more stuff is added instead.

How would you like to change that this year?  I'm part of a great team called Dream Dynasty & we're here to help you get through the holidays without adding to your waistline & helping decrease the stress by increasing your good endorphines & your energy levels.  You can do this by joining our challenge group.  Contact me for Challenge Info.....Hurry quick, we're starting soon & you won't want to miss out on this great opportunity for accountability, PRIZES, making friends that have similar goals, recipe sharing, & fun. It's guilt free, easy, you set your schedule, & so much more. We are in this T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R  email me at or message me on Facebook at  so I can get you the details.  Hurry, this Challenge is starting soon & entry into this challenge will be closed soon after the challenge starts.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My talent is.... :)

You've heard it before. Everyone's got talents and gifts. Some are great teachers, leaders, possess an 'eye' for photography, can decorate a cake like no one's business, able to create an event that is unbelievable, is an idea person, creative, etc.  Some have to look a little harder for that talent.  I think I'm one of those people.  Sure I can do a lot of things. I try stuff until I succeed. I often say "fake it until I make it".  But I was beginning to wonder what was something that I'm really, I mean REALLY good at.   I once asked my kids what they thought I was really good at & do you know what their answer was?  It didn't take them long to say it either.....  Talking.  Mom you can talk a lot.  I laughed & said, no what am I good at.  And that's what they stuck with.  So when I found this quote about super powers & I've had people tell me that I'm good at getting people to talk things through....I decided this quote was fitting.  So now I"m gonna say, My Superpower is communication.  Doesn't mean I'm perfect at it...I"m not saying that but I am pretty good at it & I consider it a blessing & a talent. What is your superpower? i.e. talent

Friday, November 9, 2012

I love Deals

I've been trying to get the present shopping for Christmas done early this year. Adam's work hours get super crazy this month & I don't want to be stressed trying to finish things.  I'd love to have extra time with the kids to relax & watch movies, do crafts, play board games & video games & just make memories.  So I've been shopping online & in the stores for the last two weeks.  I've had some dress pants in the shopping cart at Kohl's for Adam for about 1 1/2 weeks.  I keep looking at it & can't believe the price of "NO Iron" pants. (a must since I don't always have time to iron so he looks nice).  I was bummed when the sale that was going on ended & the price jacked up so high.  I waited a few more days & the price went down a little.  Then another few days & a price change again for my benefit.  And then I remembered what a neighbor had told me....when she buys things online she'll google some codes for discounts.  And that's just what I did.  I got 2 codes for Kohl's and saved a bunch of  money.  My original price of 6 pairs of dress pants was around $180, then with no sales it went up to about $350 ($300 for 5 pairs).  I decided to buy 5 pairs instead of 6 & with my savings codes as well as FREE shipping, I paid just under $110.  Woohooo!!!! Savings of about $190 I'll take that kind of savings any day!

TIP: Google discount codes for the place you are shopping before you check out.

Happy Shopping & I hope you save like I did.  I just <3 deals!  After all, we've heard it (and probably even said it to our kids a million times) money doesn't grow on trees! :)