Saturday, November 17, 2012

My talent is.... :)

You've heard it before. Everyone's got talents and gifts. Some are great teachers, leaders, possess an 'eye' for photography, can decorate a cake like no one's business, able to create an event that is unbelievable, is an idea person, creative, etc.  Some have to look a little harder for that talent.  I think I'm one of those people.  Sure I can do a lot of things. I try stuff until I succeed. I often say "fake it until I make it".  But I was beginning to wonder what was something that I'm really, I mean REALLY good at.   I once asked my kids what they thought I was really good at & do you know what their answer was?  It didn't take them long to say it either.....  Talking.  Mom you can talk a lot.  I laughed & said, no what am I good at.  And that's what they stuck with.  So when I found this quote about super powers & I've had people tell me that I'm good at getting people to talk things through....I decided this quote was fitting.  So now I"m gonna say, My Superpower is communication.  Doesn't mean I'm perfect at it...I"m not saying that but I am pretty good at it & I consider it a blessing & a talent. What is your superpower? i.e. talent

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