Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 2nd tumor marker is in and...

I have to keep this super short as I have many things still left to do today. The holiday time around here is usually quite busy with Adam working extra time and having 3 kids in programs. We've actually added two extras this year since Gabby is in both Band & Chorus & Morgan sang a song at the Cabaret for church on Sat.  Even though it can get stressful getting to all these events, I honestly enjoy them all. The teachers & students put so much time and effort into making wonderful Christmas programs & it makes me thrilled to watch them and hear my kiddos sing about the birth of Jesus Christ.

So to the meat of the title on this blog entry. Let me remind you that I was having these numbers drawn monthly up until this last one which was drawn 3 months after the previous.  The doctor was very happy with the newest number and said that it being fairly low as well as stable is good.
August 74.3
Sept 56.4
Dec 53.5

I am praising God!!! Gabby was hoping I would get to do one of my silly happy dances this time for a big fat goose egg but it wasn't there quite yet. Doesn't mean I didn't do a small happy dance. I will say this again because it is worth repeating, my good friend said that when her Dad was given a cancer free statement from his doctor, the tumor marker was still there....however it eventually went down to really low, it just took a little extra time to get to what they saw on his scans. I guess under 3 is good. So that means, I'm only 51 points away or as my daughter says 53.5 points away from a huge silly dance because we are believing in a 0.

I've heard girl pray, "Thank you God for healing my mom from cancer and all the stuff it has done to her body. Thank you Lord for getting the tumor marker down to 0 so she can do one of those crazy happy dances and for disintegrating the tumor completely! In Jesus' name, Amen!"

Yes, I have an amazing girl! And yes, that's a prayer of faith!

I have had much less pain, nearly none for days now and I attribute it to praying Ezekiel 37 over my bones. That's what God lead me to do.  It might not be the verses that you need but what I encourage you to do is to pray and ask the holy spirit what you should be praying over your body.  He's waiting to help you follow God's will and plan for you.  Do it sooner than later. He loves you & wants you to seek Him.

Thank you God for good stable numbers. Like my daughter says & believes, I too thank you for disintegrating the tumor & the tumor marker. I thank you for restoring my bones & anything else that was damaged from the cancer. I give you ALL the glory. For you are faithful, you are awesome, full of compassion, love, & mercy. You sent your Son as a gift for me and for everyone. It may not have been in December, but it is a great time to celebrate an amazing miracle in such a small child. Thank you!!! In Jesus' name, Amen.