Sunday, April 24, 2016

Catching Up

It's been quite some time since I have been on my blog. I just haven't made the time to sit and write and thought it was time to catch up again.

I completed Physical Therapy. When I was retested at the end, I had gained more flexibility as well as the pain was nearly gone. I also shaved off a few seconds from one of the tests. The physical therapist was so encouraging and positive that it helped me feel much better about where I am with everything. It also gave me hope that I can continue working toward a healthier goal for myself despite what I have been diagnosed with and that made a difference in my outlook and attitude.  I sometimes need a reminder.  I am not completely consistent with doing all my stretches but I am doing some of them on a daily basis.  I just received a card from my PT and that was perfect timing to help me remember to do what I have been taught.

About 6 weeks ago the tumor marker number was tested and it had increased 10 points from when it was tested like 2 months prior to that. So it was redone last time and it came back 2.5 points up. The doctor considered this stable but we will be talking tomorrow about things.  I was informed at my last appointment that I will have to continue on the Herceptin & Perjeta chemo treatments for as long as they work. Most people with Her 2 positive receptors do the meds for 1 year and then they are done. Since they diagnosed me with stage 4, they want me to continue on them for as long as they work. I'm not overly thrilled with that info but I just keep remembering that God told me he'd take care of it all so I put it into his hands & trust his word to be truth! I know he's not a liar.

I have been feeling quite good and am planning to do a rummage sale with the help of my kids as soon as we can get it ready & there is good weather. We need to get these extra clothes & toys and misc out of our house and see if we can make a little extra money to help out.  We have been working on paying off our debt this last year in a big way and we are finally making some progress. We don't say no to ourselves ALL the time but we have said no to a LOT lately and that is helping.

I can't believe that school is coming to a close in the not so distant future. I am looking forward to having my kids at home but may be looking at another surgery soon. I have to find out my options for reconstruction from the mastectomy so we can make a decision. And then if it involves surgery, we can get that done soon so we can have a great summer.

Thank you for the continued prayers for me and my family. We wouldn't be thriving like we are if we didn't have God at the center of our lives.  A few weeks ago I was praying about how to help my kids learn to do a daily devotion and time with God and the holy spirit gave me the idea to use The Bible App on my phone and choose a different devotion for each of my kids. He also gave me the idea of when to do this with each of them so that I could have some one on one time with them and so far, it's been working GREAT for the last 2 weeks. On school days, so 5 days a week, I sit down with Braly & we read through his devotion before he heads to school. That way he starts his day out in the right direction. I drop him off at school and then spend a few minutes with Gabby doing her devotion before she gets dropped off at school. When I am helping Morgan finish up getting ready for school, we have time before the bus comes to read her devotion.  We missed last Monday for Morgan because she had an appointment but we did her reading after school.  I am thoroughly enjoying this time with each of them and it is lending some information for some great conversations. We've talked about history, genealogy, and so much more over the last 2 weeks. They are asking more questions about our faith and what I am really gearing toward is them making our faith their own. What I mean by that is, they aren't just choosing our faith because mom & dad have this faith, but rather they choose it because they want to and they feel called to serve and love God.  For the longest time I struggled with how to be consistent with my kids and doing devotions. I never thought that I'd be able to do one on one with them in the morning without rushing or being late but it is working great. I think that I will continue doing The Dig: Luke Vol 1 at dinner time when we can because we were all enjoying that one but I won't fret if we don't do it every day. Oh, just had a holy spirit idea, We can do The Dig on weekends when it is easier for us to be together.  And I have a cute little devotion book for preschoolers that I do with Sadie. It has super cute illustrations and simple, yet practical & powerful info with an age appropriate version for the Bible verse. I used it with the older 3 and they got a lot out of it. I sometimes see them pick it up and read through several pages of it still. It's great to see that. And I imagine I'll keep it to use with my grandchildren some day. :)

Time for me to head to bed. One of the things that I often struggle with is getting to bed at a decent time. I go in spurts of doing great to stinking at it. And I know that my body needs a good amount of rest so I must take care of this temple I have and get it to sleep.

Have a great week friends!  Be encouraged to set some goals and work toward them. With God, All things are possible!

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