Friday, November 7, 2014

On a less than spectacular day

Today I wanted to share some of the things I do on a day that is less than
spectacular for me. Having been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has gone to my bones means that some days I hurt more than others. Whether you have a disease or whether you are aging or maybe you had a broken bone in the past and on damp or cold days, you have pain in the spot where you broke it....well I wanted to share what I do on days I am hurting. Why? Because it occurred to me that I'm not the only one that hurts and perhaps I have some things that I do that you could try or perhaps you have something I could try. (The verse in the image above is a great reminder and one that I quote often to keep speaking life into my own life...try it!)

I've found that on days that are damp & cold, such as yesterday, I start to feel achy in the bones of my back & hips. Rather than allow this to take over my body, I have been trying to find ways to help it feel better.  Taking a hot bath or shower seems to help warm my bones up so they don't hurt. Drinking something warm or hot such as a cup of tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, or a chai latte or soup warm me right from the inside out. Notice I didn't say coffee?  I'm not a huge fan of it. I know, sorry. lol  If I would drink coffee, I'd have to put way too much sugar & creamer in it that there wouldn't be a point of drinking it. I just think the stuff tastes bitter to me and I already consume some bitter apricot seeds so I'll skip the coffee.  I also have turmeric in my morning shake (also slightly bitter in the amount that I use) which is known to help with inflammation & has antioxidant actions so it's good for me.  Another great help to me when I'm hurting is to exercise. Something simple like walking or a little more in depth like my PiYo videos help a lot. Praying scripture over myself such as the verses found in Joyce Meyer's The Healing Word booklet help a lot. But some days the pain is more annoying and I just can't shake it so I might take some pain meds.  Rather than sitting down or laying on the couch, I usually find something else to do. If I have to sit down because my body is screaming at me to rest, I might listen to a sermon, or read my Bible. I try to do something that is positive for my body, mind & spirit rather than just something to get my mind off of the pain.  I know some people that avoid pain or avoid dealing with situations by sleeping and I don't see how that makes it all better so I don't just sleep the pain away. Why do I do this? Because I am determined to not let this disease totally rule my daily activities. Yes, I believe that I need to listen to my body but I also need to take charge over it in a way so that it doesn't take over me.  I hope that makes sense.  Finding a balance in this area is just as important as time management & household things. I have seen people that allow a diagnosis they've been given to rule and dictate them so much that they lose themselves. I understand that it is hard, sometimes it's REALLY hard but I am willing to fight in order to have a better quality of life while I wait for God's timing, expecting a full miracle!

What are some things that you do when you are in pain?  Do you find that it makes you crabby or more tired when you have pain? Is your pain a physical or emotional pain? God's word addresses Physical Healing, Emotional/Mental Healing, & Spiritual Healing. And these don't even include all of the scriptures that address healing, there are more!  Speak Life, not only to others but to yourself as well.  Speak life into your own life because God loves you and He made you in His image, so you are fearfully and wonderfully made!


  1. Jeannette when I too am hurting from the cold it helps me to have the heating pad or a hot water bottle close by to ease my joint pain. I also take supplements for my joints and sit with a cup of hot tea (they make tea for joint pain). My fingers are starting to get crooked but I know it's something I just have to live with. I try and keep moving but winter is hard. I too will sit curled up with a blanket alone in my room and have some quiet prayer time and reflect. Keep your chin up! I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  2. We too are praying for a miracle for you, and for my daughter Madison. This is the best school year she has had in 8 years, seizure wise. One has to do the research as a patient or mom because the doctors are so overwhelmed with patients. I did long and hard research, but there were people that told me to get on with it. I couldn't. I did what God was insisting I do and to go where He insisted I go and now in the long run its been all worth it. Some are calling this a miracle drug, I don't as I know God sent me to the childrens' hospital in Ann Arbor for a reason. She has been seizure free for two months tomorrow with little or no side effects. Going from 22 pills a day down to 2 pills a day. I am so thankful and surrender this all to our loving Lord Jesus. I pray too that you will be healed and have a great long life of contentment. Love Charlotte