Monday, September 12, 2011

Surprise Revealed

I have been quite tired lately & still trying to get all the things done that I am used to doing as well as volunteer at the elementary school & its getting harder to keep going.  Why you may ask.  Well...on April 15th or around there we will be expanding our family.  Yes, that's right.  I'm pregnant.  I'm excited, concerned, tired, & trying to still keep things as normal as possible.  It isn't like my body has done the greatest of jobs growing babies in the past & after Miss Morgan's 25 day stay in the NICU before we could bring her home....well I'm a little nervous.  Add to that I'm now considered "Old" for being pregnant & at a slightly higher risk for having a baby with issues.  Should I worry & fret about the outcome?  Should I think about the worst that could happen?  Well I could but I'm choosing to SEE what God has in store for us in a positive light.  This baby is sure a blessing & I have already started looking through the baby name book to find how to incorporate a name that means Blessed if possible. I haven't made it past the B/s yet so we'll see what winds up on the list of possibilities.

Are you wondering what the kids reactions were to the news?  I'll see if I can post the video of how we shared the news with them on Thursday evening.

Got questions?  Leave a comment & I'll do my best to answer.

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