Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some things take time

This morning my youngest was giving me a hard time getting ready for preschool again. I wondered if it was because she was having trouble adjusting to Daddy being on vacation last week & back to work this week.  While I think this is part of it I was thinking that maybe her having the start of a cold & not being able to breathe as easily might have something to do with it too.  She even climbed in between Adam & I last night, which she doesn't do very often unless something is wrong.  And the last 2 nights she has been extremely difficult to get to bed.  So this morning I was frustrated & we were running late getting her to school because all she wanted to do was argue with me.

She kept saying things like: No, I don't want to pick out clothes. No, I'm not getting dressed. No, I don't want to eat breakfast. I am NOT going to school today. I"M Skipping!!!  What???? In 1 month she'll be 5 but come on....this should not be a typical 5 year old's behavior. Right?  I had to get the rest of her clothes on her & do her hair all while fighting with her about yes, she was still going to school. Today is actually the last day of the week for her since she has tomorrow off & she doesn't go on Fridays.  I kept asking her what was wrong & she wouldn't answer anything but the phrases stated above.  Then she started crying & finally told me that one of the teacher helpers had been gone all week & someone else was taking her place. I asked her if she liked the new teacher helper & she said she was nice but she liked the other teacher's story reading better.  I asked her if that was why she wanted to be late all week.  She said yes.

Ummm...this girl is too smart for her own good sometimes.  Let me explain. Miss A is one of her teachers and at the beginning of each morning she sits on the carpet & reads with the children after they "check in" by practice tracing or writing their names & then they go & join the kids on the carpet with Miss A & read books until all the kids have checked in.  Miss R has been substituting & apparently Morgan doesn't like change very much & doesn't deal well with it. I never realized that she was more like Gabby in that way because she has always been so independent.  Morgan also told me that they had a fire drill yesterday & she really dislikes those.  So instead of rushing out the door to try & actually make it on time to school....I sat down with her & explained that people can't always be at work. Sometimes they are sick or have a sick child they need to care for & that's when they bring substitutes in.  I also explained to my bright girl that when she is having trouble with something she needs to talk to someone. She can talk to parents or her teachers so that we can help her through the feelings she's experiencing.  I refuse to allow my children to grow up with no coping skills. I have seen what it does to a person to not be able to cope with change in far too many lives & I won't let my children not learn that skill.  Change happens to all of us in some way, shape, or form.  I have never liked change very much myself but I have learned to cope with it so that life doesn't get me down & I have put my faith & trust in someone that never changes. God.  Maybe that is why for THE longest time my favorite verse of the Bible was always Hebrews 13:8 which says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  I know that he is my solid rock that never changes in a forever changing world & I am working to teach my children the same thing.  No matter what happens in the life we live on this earth, he will always be there to help us through it.  I truly believe that with all my heart.

So, some things do take time.  And though I really dislike being late for things, it was an easy choice for me to spend some extra time talking things through with my little girl to help her through these changes that happen that she has no control over.  Remember to set aside time for your loved ones. They may not tell you how much they appreciate you & the time you give but you should know that they do feel that way.  Oh and Miss A was there today & Morgan gave her the biggest hug but she'll be out a few days next week so we have some prepping to do.  I talked to Morgan's teacher this morning to let her know what is going on in Morgan's head so that they can help us out as well.  So far we have been blessed with wonderful teachers that are willing to work with us to help provide the best education & social experience for our children so far.  I am very thankful for that!

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