Monday, August 27, 2012

Pretty in Pink

You may have seen on FB that I posted that a wonderful box including Insanity came to our house on Friday last week.  I took some time over the weekend to read through it & prepare my mind for this new journey, adventure, quest that I ended up starting this morning. I took my measurements & was pleasantly surprised that when I measured back on July 20th and then  today I was down 6.5 inches around my body & 3.2 pounds.  That means that I've lost a total of 27.2 pounds so far and a total of about 15.25 inches. I say about because it is hard to know exactly what my measurements were since being pregnant.

So where is the "Pretty in Pink" Part?  Well anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE color. I like glitzy, sparkly, beautiful, pretty things & I like crafty things too.  I figured that if I make things cute & pretty I will be more likely to stick with my workout.  I could have gone over the top with this project but wanted to get it done & get my fit test done so here is what I did.

1.Copied my Exercise Tracker onto (2) 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.
2. Taped it together with scotch tape being careful not to put it over any part I need to write on.
3. Added some pretty, decorative duct tape. I cut a strip for the long side & then tore it in half lengthwise so that I could use it on both of the long sides. Then trimmed them.
4. I cut one for the short side & tore it lengthwise as well & applied it to both short sides. Trim sides.

 Makes it a little more sturdy and pretty to help call attention to it so I do my workout each day.  Using pretty colored pens to write my numbers & check off each day are a must too.  I have Paper Mate Profile 1.4B in a variety of colors. I am SUPER picky about my pens when I journal. I dislike when they skip or cause indentations when writing.& my hubby got these for me. Remember when I said I like color!  Well they are colorful & they write smoothly. Love them & recommend them!

What do you think of my tracker?  Simple & fun right????

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