Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day & Treatment #7 Update: Medical talk included

I want to start out by saying Happy Veterans Day. I know many people that have served and many who have passed. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all because Freedom is not Free by any means. Thank you for helping protect my right to worship God as I choose. Thank you for standing up for the rights of people who can't do it themselves. Thank you for your sacrifice in time, money, your lives, etc. Thank you does not seem enough but I greatly appreciate all you've done and those that continue to serve. I pray for healing of bodies, hearts, & minds for the things that you've seen and done and struggle with. For those with PTSD that they will be free from it and healed by God's amazing grace and touch. Thank you Grandpa Kenny for serving in WWII, for Uncle Randy who served in the Navy, for my Dad who served in the National Guard to name a few that are close to me. Thank you to my Grandma Mahoney for writing to service men when they were away from their homes and families to help them stay connected. I too did that for a few people and I like when our community pulls together and sends cards and packages to those stationed away from home.  I am going to choose not to name anyone else because the list would start to get long and I know I would miss many special people so instead I will just say Thank you to all service men and women. God Bless you ALL!!!

 This pic is from a few years ago but I really like it & wanted to share.

I thought that since I'm trying to include a warning about medical stuff I'll be talking about that perhaps I could find an image to use when it comes to that part of the update.  It won't always mean that I'm talking in great descriptive detail about things that might seem gross to others but it will include the medical stuff.  Hope this helps. Just trying to make it a little easier to navigate through all of this and I am a work in progress and so is my blog. LOL

Had another Treatment Tuesday Nov 10th.  Spoke with the doctor and what I don't understand is why no one at the hospital told me that on the chest x-ray they did last Wednesday that they found a lung mass. My doctor said that he wants to give me a little time to get over this cold the rest of the way and do a CT scan before my next appointment in 3 weeks so he has the results to go over with me. He said that it doesn't appear that it should be cancer spreading to my lungs because I haven't had anything else that would indicate that but he had a tumor marker number drawn yesterday and we should get that number back in a week or so. And then the CT scan.  I am standing on God's word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and that God is greater and will do immeasurably more than I could even think or ask for. I would appreciate others standing in agreement with me and also for prayer to help keep my thoughts captive to God so that fear and other thoughts don't try to take over as I am entered into the waiting game of the tumor marker numbers & CT scan & results.

On a good test note, the blood tests that they ran for sepsis came up completely free and clear of infection so PRAISE GOD for that result. I actually had no worries about that. I was like 99% sure it would be clear. That 1% was a slight waiver because my flesh was trying to tell me different than my Spirit already knew & I was fighting it, just like I am fighting this lung mass information.

I told my doctor that even though today marked Taxotere treatment #7 which is not an even number, I would like to stop at 7. It is viewed as a holy number, God's perfect number.Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).  I told him that I usually like even numbers but that I had been praying about it and feel as though this is the time to stop. He said okay, we will discuss the next options of treatment in 3 weeks. I will still receive the Her2 meds which are perjeta and herceptin every 3 weeks but they don't cause as many side effects for me as the taxotere has. And like I said, I am believing and expecting for the CT scan to be clear in a few weeks

Wrapping this up I will I have 3 days worth of steroids in my body. Adam has only a few days left of vacation, Friday will be a down day for me when my body needs to rest from the taxotere treatment I got yesterday so today is the big work day to get as much done in our house as we can. We were hoping to declutter together but Adam came off of about 5 weeks of pre-load work where he's up at 2:30am and was working 12 hours most days and it isn't even Christmas season yet. It took his body a little longer to get back onto a more normal schedule and we are really hoping to get lots done today. So I'm off to get dressed and start our day.  Have a great Wednesday and remember our Veterans.

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