Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Praise God for Good Report!

I posted this short update for the results for the CT of my chest on Facebook already but I know there are a few that follow the blog and don't go on FB.

They did the CT scan on Monday which if you've never had the contrast dye that they give...it's weird. Makes you feel as though you are all warmed up inside and the lady said for some it can make them feel as if they are urinating. Such a strange feeling to be all warm inside like that.  Anyway, I saw the oncologist today and he said that the CT scan was clear and didn't show any nodules. He said he's not sure what they saw on the portable chest x-ray but that I am good.  I said, Praise God for that good report!

I am to start up the hormone blocking meds again since I stopped the Taxotere chemo.  I still am scheduled to get the receptor meds every 3 weeks but those 2 don't take as long and I was out of there rather quickly today & able to get a few groceries that Adam needs since he's on road most of the week from here on out until Christmas.  The next time I go in, I don't even have to have labs drawn which cuts the time there even shorter. It never takes long to draw the labs but takes nearly an hour to get them back so we know if everything is ok for them to give me the nasty chemo. Since I'm not doing that one, I don't need labs next time.  That is a nice feeling.

I have been praying that I get good results for the last 4 weeks and I must say, I sure needed this good news. It is definitely a faith builder to have prayers answered like this. I continue praying & believing for a complete healing because I truly believe that it has been done and I just have to receive it for it to manifest.

I must keep this short. Sadie has had a runny nose and been waking up between 4 and 5am and not falling asleep again until close to time for everyone else to wake up or after we are all up getting ready for the day. Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere in the am so I am going to take advantage of that and snuggle with Sadie when she wakes up but I'm heading to bed soon in hopes of getting a better night's sleep since my nose has been runny too.

Thank you for all the prayers you lifted up on behalf of me and my family. I truly felt them because I was not a basket case waiting to re-run the chest CT and I wasn't a crazy mess from the time of having the CT done yesterday to getting the results. That waiting game can make a person bazerk but I felt mostly at peace and when a thought would come into my mind, I would say my thoughts are captive to you God. And give it to Him to take care of. It certainly worked and though I was expecting good news today, I was relieved to hear it.  God is faithful and his love endures forever!

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