Tuesday, February 21, 2017

736 days

On Monday February 27, 2017 I will be starting the Square One eating plan. Square One is a plan for changing nutrition and lifestyle to heal of cancer and/or prevent it. The site is Chris Wark's and he shares how he healed his body from Stage III 3c Colon cancer with God's grace, nutrition and lifestyle changes. I came across his website through another email I signed up for that my father in law had shared with me awhile back. I thought Chris' modules sounded interesting and considering the diagnosis I received back in Oct 2013 that I had Stage IV metastasized breast cancer, I thought this was a good video series to start watching. And it was for FREE at the time. I watched intently and took really good notes. I started making a list of things that I haven't changed yet and did some research how to make changes for me and my family.

Before I was able to watch the 3rd module, I received a text message from a dear friend that said her family wanted to bless me with purchasing the classes for me to have my own digital copy so I could watch and rewatch over and over so I could put this new lifestyle into place. I am extremely grateful for their generosity and signed right up. I listened to module 3 and learned how I'm going to change my nutrition. I am going to overload my body with good nutrition through juicing (which I already knew about but had never fully committed to in the past) and eating a SUPER Salad every day for lunch & dinner. I learned the things to put in the salad and I loved how Chris shared how important it is to add cancer-fighting spices and herbs to the salad as well. He is so positive and encouraging that even though he says that a person should commit 100% to 2 full years of this new and improved lifestyle, I feel as though I will be able to do this. I am planning right now. I will be starting the juicing on Monday the 27th of February after I get back from a busy weekend trip.

Chris encourages people that do this plan, to journal and share so they can help others. That fits with my blogging so for the next 730 days starting on the 27th, I will be trying to blog every....single....day to keep track and share what's going on. It may encourage you if you are in a similar situation to find a way to make changes in your life. I am a wife, a mother to 4 kids and I still volunteer at our church and stay involved in as much as I can. I'm not trying to toot my horn by sharing this, however, I am trying to say that if I have all of this on my plate and plan and WILL do this lifestyle change, you can too. I think that fear of such a HUGE commitment of big changes has held me back, but not anymore. I will be following the Square One plan as closely as possible. I have recently discovered that I need to stay on the Shakeology that I've been drinking for years. I went off of it for a few weeks and ended up with dry eyes, and 2 prescriptions for it. I got some more Shakeology and started taking it twice a day for a week and my eyes are already back to normal. Praise God!

I have to prepare myself to make more trips for fresh fruits and veggies at the store each week. I have to set aside about 1 hour to juice the veggies that I need for my juice all day. I have to drink 8 oz of juice about every hour throughout the day and then eat the super salad twice a day. I have to get used to spicy and smelly things like garlic, turmeric, ginger and a few other hot things. I'm not huge on spicy but I will do what I need to make this happen. I will be hanging signs that remind me that I am building a new body.

I decided that since this new lifestyle will be 730 days, instead of counting up to the 730, I'm going to countdown. I have been praying about what God's direction for me would be and then this came in my email. My plan is to keep doing the chemo treatments for now but my goal is to see vast improvements in the tumor marker numbers and to either space out and quit or eventually just quit chemo treatments. I am seeking God for guidance, wisdom, and discernment about the choices I must make.

So here goes.  I'm just 736 days away from completing the Square One program. Come along the journey with me if you would like. It will probably include some crying, laughing, frustration, pleas of needing encouragement, changing the way I look at things, etc. Here we go....

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