Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Goals & Resolutions?

That's the question this time of year right?  Do you make New Year Resolutions.  Well years ago I said no. Resolutions just got a bad name. People make them & break them & I wanted to be successful with mine so I'd say no, I've made some goals.  People would laugh & say, that's the same thing.  Well sort of.

This year I have not sat down to actually think of what my goals for the year will be & that's a problem.  I like to be organized & plan so I can be ahead of the game but things are changing on me.  Another of my best friends is moving at the end of the month.  My house is still out of order so much that it feels like it is creating chaos in my family & home.  I like chaos about as much as a plague or disease.  So my first goal was to get the decorations put away & to the basement. I even managed to go through a few things & pull old stuff out to make room for some of the newer stuff. I didn't want to add another tote to store for the year if I didn't have to. DONE!

Another goal was to get the main floor picked up & cleaned.  I'm still working on this one & sometimes I look at the mess & think, why on earth is it taking me so long to do this.  But then I remind myself of all the things I did accomplish for the day.  I got the dishes caught up. I swept & mopped the kitchen floor so we won't keep sticking to it anymore.  I took all the donations & dropped them off. I dropped off all the boxes to recycling as well as the 3 long fluorescent light bulbs that have been sitting in our basement for nearly 4 years because I wasn't sure where they were supposed to be disposed of.  I made dinner & helped with homework. I made sure that my oldest was able to play with her friend who is only in town for a few more days.  So glad that I didn't forget to call to set up a play time.  I also got the van vacuumed out so it looks new again & I reorganized some stuff in the basement so I could put all the decorations together as well as put the baby stuff together.  I've got a long way to go but I'm definitely making progress.  And that's what I think it is about.  Making progress and never letting go of ones goals.  I've got some big goals rolling around in my head that I'd like to achieve with my Beachbody Business as well as with the organization of my home, family, etc especially with a new baby coming in just a few months.  Oh, and there are a few things that I'd like to get made before our little Sadie arrives.  Another goal is to make regular posts on this blog & try to figure out how to get it fully functional for my personal needs as well as my business.  I love writing & find that when I make time for it, I'm a better person for it.  So that's gonna have to be a part of my goals too.

Sorry for the brainstorming on here.  Perhaps it will help someone else get the idea to make some goals & attain them.  I do like to encourage people & think it is pretty cool when someone is inspired from something I've done or said.  But I take little credit.  It has more to do with how God created me, the talents he gave to me, than anything I do on my own.  I'm off to relax a little & think about more goals.

The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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