Monday, January 30, 2012

Feel like a walking complaint

So now that my belly has grown in size & people can actually see that I'm pregnant (I'm 30 weeks right now) they ask me how I'm feeling.  Sometimes I answer with the 'polite' answer of, "I'm doing pretty good."  I really wish I could say like my Grandpa used to, "No complaints, no complaints." but that would be a LIE.  I hurt & ache all over & last night I had my first (of probably many) charlie horse around 4am.  Those things are awful.

I don't want to complain about all the aches & pains of carrying a baby but I was starting to feel like that's all I could think about.  And then I got an email about essentials to help a mom through pregnancy.  It had something for every complaint I have.  Now I've known & used each of the things they suggested but the difference was, it made me realize not every woman goes through pregnancy with sheer & complete joy without the aches & pains.  I may have them all at once but I'm still 'normal'....we sort of.  haha

Saturday I did my Baby Yoga DVD.  I don't agree with how they think about just because of being a woman, you have everything inside of you to do anything.  I know I don't have it all & I rely on God to carry me through the things I don't have the strength for.  But the video has great movement, stretches, breathing techniques, as well as some weight lifting for the upper arms & it felt good to accomplish the workout.  I plan to squeeze it in again today before bed. I believe it will help me not feel those aches & pains quite so much & get me closer to saying, no complaints, without being a liar.

Laundry is nearly finished. I plan to stay caught up for the week & I am getting excited to start prepping the fabric to make burp cloths as well as a few blankets for our little Sadie.

I think it has stopped snowing so now I'm off to try & get the snow blower started so I can clear the driveway & sidewalks.  Hope it works & is quick since I can't exactly zip my coat all the way anymore.


  1. Just thought I should share with you since you made a comment about yoga. One of my coworkers started a business where she is creating yoga DVDs addressing that specific concern about how it's not all inside you.

  2. Just briefly checked the link out. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look into her stuff more. I want to have my life God centered, not centered on what I have inside of me because its not about me. I'm so excited that you shared this!!! :)