Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Countdown is 6 days! Portion size pictures

A lot has happened in 1 week.  I had some major back pain & felt like I was dying or something on Thursday & Friday but after resting & praying the pain has mostly gone away.  The hormones in my body are changing & I was very moody & crabby for a few days.  After letting go of all the anxieties & trusting God wholeheartedly I felt so much better & have since Sunday.  What a difference that made in my attitude as well as the pain being more manageable.

We are still awaiting the arrival of our 6th member.  I have an appointment on Thursday so unless she comes before then we'll be making a venture to Iron Mountain that day.  My mom is meeting us to help out with the kiddos since all 3 are on spring break right now.

The kids are on spring break this week & were an ENORMOUS help yesterday in cleaning the house.  They picked up their rooms, helped with laundry, cleaned up all their stray toys, clothes, etc & helped vacuum, wash mirrors, scrub sinks, etc.  The house looks & smells much better. I had let it go for far too long with being in pain & no energy & it was making me lose my mind & be so crabby with the clutter all over.  I still can't bend over & then stand back up very good but I'm doing pretty good today.

Today the kids helped with laundry & then I let them play for the rest of the day until it was time to put their stuff away.  I'm trying desperately to instill in them that if they put their things away after they are done with them, we wouldn't have to have a HUGE cleaning party that takes hours.  On the baby/nesting side, I fixed up the pack n play, made a few more blankets & burp cloths as well as spent some quality time with my children.  They had fun trying to sew a few things on their own & they keep adding to the pile of things to take with them when the baby is being born.  Good thing we have a van.  haha

Remember a week ago when I said that I wanted to share some healthy information? Well I found some pics of  common things to compare to for portion sizes that I thought might help.  I plan to revisit this subject in depth after the baby is born so I can give a few more pointers because it is so important but this should do for now.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.  And keep checking back to see when Sadie will be arriving.  Anyone want to make guesses on date, time, weight, & length?  Put it in the comments & we'll see who's closest.

Jeannette :)

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