Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday...14 days left

I'm having such a hard time concentrating on anything else right now. There are so many things I've got on my to do list that I want to share about healthy eating, healthy movement, & things like that.  I'll get to it...I promise but right now I've got to share about Sadie because I'm praying that we'll be meeting her sometime this week.  Wednesday evening would be really good!

This is the last week of school before my 3 children go on Spring Break & I'd love it if Sadie was born this week (no, I'm not worried about them missing a day or 2 of school).  I'd really love to have all of next week for their Spring Break with them home & getting used to having a new baby sister.  Some people say that I'm crazy & might be better off with them in school but ya know what?  I think I know my kids well enough to say they will be a big help as well as enjoy the time spent with her before they have to go back to school.  Will it be crazy, probably, but with a little time we'll all adjust to our new normal.  And we will hardly remember what it was like before Sadie came along.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything probably due to my excitement & lack of quality sleep.  I go to bed tired & wake up tired because I wake up hurting & uncomfortable in the middle of the night & can't fall back to sleep.  It's wearing on me but I don't have too much time left.  Just trying to stay strong & positive.

I had a whole long entry typed up yesterday. I had saved it a few times (or so I thought) but then my internet went crazy when I was trying to add another picture with a quote for encouragement & I lost 3/4 of my entry.  I dislike when that happens & with my fantastic (not really) memory lately, I was unable to remember what I had actually shared.  So I'm just going to wrap this up so you can all see how the baby has started dropping into position & how I've grown.

Today I plan to wrap up loose ends prepping for Sadie's arrival.  I have to double check my list to be sure it includes everything I need to do & who I need to call when labor starts.  If I don't go into labor today sometime, I will be heading to see my doctor tomorrow morning.  One of the hardest things I am having to deal with this time is that I have 3 children who are so excited to meet their sister & keep asking when she'll be born.  It is unlike their excitement for a trip or for family to visit because we usually have a set date for those kinds of things.  This is us flying by the seat of our pants so to speak & I am finding that they don't like that part of it.  I know where it comes from because I don't like not knowing either but at least I 'understand' how it works.

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  1. You set dates for thugs? Haha hope all goes well and everyone is doing great.

  2. Thanks for the laugh Darien! I'll have to go back & edit that. LOL