Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun Family Evenings this week

This week seems to be flying by so quickly. Probably due to a few fun evenings this week.

Monday we had the opportunity to go to Morgan's school and make Valentine cards that are given at the local Assisted Living facilities.  We've attended this event each year since they started it a few years ago.  I think it is a great idea on how to show some love to others & is a great community service project for my kids to participate in.  So proud of our school for coming up with the idea and hosting it each year.  What I loved was watching the kids, not just mine, but all the kids create cards for these people they don't know.  And it wasn't even just the kids but pretty much all parents & grandparents that come end up making some too.  The kids make as many cards as they like and then they are all collected into a box & distributed to the people in the facilities.  Soooo sweet to tell them Happy Valentine's Day & hopefully they feel special receiving these cards.  Sadie even made one this year.  When the kids are done coloring, cutting, gluing, using stickers and such to make their cards, they get a sugar cookie with frosting and get to add some sprinkles if they want & then eat their sugary treat.  Thank you Lemmer for hosting this each year. Teaching our kids to think of others is so important.

It was great to bring my kids to a community service project like this & also get to see a lot of the teachers & talk with them.  Teachers from this year as well as the kids' previous years.  Nice time to catch up a little for me and the kids.  Everyone was so kind & said I look great.  Honestly, I feel pretty good too!  Praising God for removing the pain.  And that he has given me a peace that passes all understanding and I'm happy to hear that others see it as well.  It is not me, it is God within me that has brought me peace to keep moving forward.

Philippians 4:7

King James Version (KJV)
And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Yesterday the kids didn't have school because some of the schools were without power & they weren't sure when they'd get power back so they canceled school after calling a 2 hour delay.  The kids enjoyed being home but then were upset when I had them do about 15-20 minutes of cleaning late in the afternoon.  You'd think that I asked them to do something dangerous & horrible the way they reacted. Lol.  Then we got to attend Italian Night at 'The U' for a fundraiser for Gabby & Braly's school.  They have spaghetti, desserts, pop, & some raffles.  We didn't win anything but I'm sure that the fundraiser was a great success.  A LOT of people showed up despite there having been no school.  Gabby was part of the Leadership Team that helped set up, wash tables, set place mats, & clean up after. I was proud of her for taking the initiative to call the school office to ask what time she needed to be at the school for set up since she was originally supposed to stay after school.

And since today is Wednesday, there was of course classes at church tonight.  Braly gets to start making his car for the Grand Prix race in a few months, so Adam took the kids tonight.  I stayed home with Sadie & after fighting the tiredness, she finally fell asleep.  Tomorrow I get my Thirty-One order and I'm so excited to get things more organized.  It brings me joy to organize.  Too bad it's so cold outside...I ordered a few things to organize the van a little more but I will not be messing out there to put them in.  Not until it warms up a little LOT more.

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