Saturday, February 18, 2012

32 Weeks & 5 days Pregnant (means 52 days left)

The countdown is well underway.  My phone & my i-touch have apps on them set to my due date & so without even thinking about it, I am slightly aware how many days I have left. I say slightly because I have been busy with so much that I don't fully pay attention to the amount of days left.  Besides, it isn't like I know exactly when I will go into labor & deliver.  Each pregnancy is different so its hard to use a definitive date.  I will say, the time is flying by quickly due to taking care of my husband, 3 kids, volunteering, & helping others.  But honestly, that has helped me a lot.

Today my family is on a day-trip to the Chatham Ice Caves about 45 mins away from our house.  Walking on ice & being pregnant just don't mix so I am home.  However, I have plans for getting things ready for our newest addition.  I plan to make a few burp cloths & blankets today & hang the cute clothes that were given to us last week.  I do wish that I could have gone with my family on a little adventure but I have been quite achy & my hip is already giving me trouble so I am being wise to stay behind.  The pictures that Adam took last year were beautiful.  I sent him with the good camera this year so I can share pictures from this years adventure, especially since he's taking the girls too.  Sorry, this pic is not very good. I will post ones that Adam takes once he gets home & I get the time to upload them & listen to all the stories.  Adam & Braly went for the first time last year & this year, Adam took his ice spikes to wear so he can enjoy it better, especially since he'll have to help 3 kids this year.

I should head into the kitchen to find some tasty lunch since my Tropical Shakeology isn't here yet.  I want to start cutting fabric & sewing it together.  But first, I should throw a load of laundry in the washer.  (oh how my mind jumps from one thing to another at times) That would be smart.  I have already come to the point in this pregnancy where I am unable to eat much food at a time.  It is a good lesson in eating several small meals a day which is beneficial to keep our bodies working better & our metabolism up.  I plan to continue eating 5 or 6 small meals after I deliver this little girl so that I will feel better & lose the extra weight as I get back into shape. Come back in the next few days, or better yet, subscribe so you get email notification of when the blog is updated.  The next couple of posts should include ice cave pics & I'm trying to put together or find a great sample meal plan for you all to learn how to spread your calorie intake over the day to be healthier & feel better. :)

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