Friday, June 29, 2012


MISSING:  Teeth but we don't need them returned. lol :)

Last summer on our trip to South Carolina, Braly lost his 2 front bottom teeth.  He didn't lose any all year.  When he got his teeth cleaned in May they told me he had 6 loose teeth.  He said he wanted to lose them all at once.  He's so silly.  When we were in Sheboygan I had to cut his corn off the cob so he could eat it because his teeth were loose.  Just a few days later he lost one on June4th by pulling it all by himself.  Then the other one was ready & he got Grammy Cheryl to pull it on June 5th when she came to help me use my new Kitchen Aid mixer to make bread for the first time in it.  Just noticed that he isn't wearing his glasses in the new pic.  That's because he was ready for bed when I took the picture.
Lost first 2 teeth in July 2011
Lost another 2 teeth June 2012


  1. If he keeps losing teeth, he's gonna look like me. :-P

  2. Not for long Uncle Steven...his are already coming in. Took forever for them to fall out but I guess that makes them come in faster. I won't let him ride his bike down any big hills yet. I still remember hearing about that when it happened.