Friday, June 29, 2012


On Friday June 1st, we packed the van & headed south.  First we stopped in Green Bay so Auntie Renee` could meet Sadie.  Then we headed the rest of the way to Sheboygan, WI to visit the Gilberts.  It had been nearly a year since they moved but with our trip last year to South & North Carolina to visit family & celebrate Grammy Helen's 100th birthday (a little late) & then finding out we were expecting a baby, we didn't make it down to visit.  So it was a trip that was long overdue.

Here's Tita Belinda & Sadie
 Yummy Cherries
 By the river

At the Greenhouse eating Ice Cream

 Belinda & I used to sit outside in her backyard chatting about anything & everything when they lived in Esky.  There was a lot of visiting that happened because we had to play catch up but since it wasn't just the 2 of us, Belinda had many fun things planned so everyone enjoyed themselves.  All I can say is I could have sat for hours on end talking with my best friend but sure enjoyed all of us doing the fun things that were planned.   We ate at the Pizza Ranch.  It was our first time there & we found out that to get the buffet for the kids you pay according to their ages.  The lady cashier was SUPER nice.  She started by guessing that Morgan was 4. Morgan gave her a strange look & she said, you're 5 aren't you?  Morgan said yes.  Then she went to Braly & guessed that he was 7.  She was right.  Adam & I were smiling & when I looked at him he said, this ought to be funny.  I wholeheartedly agreed & laughed a little. The cashier looked at Gabby, smiled a little & then asked if Braly & Gabby were twins.  Nope.  She said, Oh, okay.  Then she said, are you 8?  We laughed & said no. She asked 9?  We said yes.  What we didn't go on to explain was that Gabby would be turning 10 in just 20 days.  The lady proceeded to guess how old even Sadie was.  SHe was good, I'll give her that but Gabby can throw even the best off their game since she doesn't look her age.  lol 
Friday evening Sadie & I joined Belinda for her small group called "Affordable Style".  Sadie was a sweet angel baby & barely fussed the entire time.  Saturday was great too.  Belinda planned a picnic by the river for us followed by dessert at The Greenhouse which was such a cute & beautiful place & the homemade ice cream was divine. I was going to just share with others but it was so Delicious that I had Adam buy me my own to go since I had been taking care of Sadie.  Oh my GOSH it was so YuuuuuuuMMY!!!  Later for dinner we had a BBQ & then took a tour of the church building.  I loved what the plans were for the space that they have.  Really neat to see how they are changing things & making it so Family Friendly with how you bring your kids to their rooms & where they are located..  On Sunday we got to hear Chris preach about how we need to stop living our lives in spiritual isolation.  Great message!  We enjoyed a wonderful brunch following church & then all too soon it was time to head back home.  Course you may have assumed it but I may as well tell you, Belinda & I fit in as much chatting as we could throughout the whole weekend.

 Kids had fun with the tree in Tita & Tito's backyard

 I think this is our first Family Picture since Sadie was born.
 The girls!
 Tito ready to preach.

 We stopped in Green Bay again so that the rest of the Mleczkos could meet Sadie.  They have a fantastic backyard (minus the dog poo lol) for the kids to play. The boys tossed the football around with each other & the dads & the girls played in the fort & on the slide while Sadie was fed & changed & then it was time to hit the road again.
 Emma & Sadie
Evan & Sadie. She was ready to eat

We are so blessed to have pretty good travelers (minus the car sickness once in awhile, but we've got coffee cans for that now). I recently bought some organizers to hang on the seats of the van so I think our next trip will be even smoother.  Hope we got the cup holder snafoo figured out.  Morgan had a pop from BK in the back cup holders & for whatever reason they decided to make them huge out of that hard plastic & when we turned, the cup slid right out & crashed to the floor spilling & getting everything wet & sticky. I put those insulated pop holders back there hoping that will help but we haven't tested them yet.

Look for a post with the new organizers being featured soon.  I love finding ways to organize my space be it in the house or in my van & I like sharing it with others.  I know I"m not the only one that has kids & needs to travel at times. I can't stand a messy vehicle so when I found this idea on Pinterest I thought I'd try it myself.  If you have any organizing ideas, please share.  I'd love to hear them.

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