Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Gabby won her Game Ticket!

Welcome. If you've gotten here from seeing Gabby on TV at the Packers vs Steelers Football game, welcome!  Happy you are here to check out her video.  Here's a little info about why Gabby did the video in the first place.

When I was first diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer (it has metastasized and is in my bones, is incurable by doctors but treatable) at the end of October/early November 2013 , Gabby asked me, "Mom, what happens if you have to go to Heaven soon?  I don't want you to leave us yet."  With tears in my eyes, I replied, "I don't want to leave yet either but if I do, then God will help Daddy take care of you guys and provide for all of you. God is always here to provide for your needs."  She paused sadly for a minute & then asked sweetly, "Is it okay if I pray for Jesus to come back & get us all for his Second Coming, the Rapture, so we can be together?"  I replied with, "Of course, but you do realize that God doesn't want to send Jesus back for those that have asked Jesus into their hearts (are saved) until EVERYONE has had a chance to hear about Jesus and decide for themselves?  So you need to do your part to share the gospel with as many people as possible" Our shy girl simply responded with, "oh, okay."

About 2 weeks later Gabby was given an assignment for her Language Arts Class.  All 6th graders were to share their favorite educational experience. The top 3 were to win a ticket to attend the Packer vs Steelers game on Dec 22nd with the Principal. I think there are nearly 200 6th graders at Gabby's school.  They were to do a creative response using any media source they could utilize. 

Suggested sources:
Music: write a song
Poster: design a poster
Dramatization: perform
Essay: write an essay
Video: create a video.

Gabby came home & told me she had decided what she wanted to do for her assignment.  She wanted to share when she asked Jesus into her heart and we decided to do a video that we could share with people all over the world in hopes that we would do our best to help spread the "Good News" that Jesus died and rose again so we can have a special friendship with God and go to heaven.  I've uploaded it to YouTube to share with all of you. Watch for yourself to see why Adam & I are so proud of her.  And please share the video with as many people as you can.  Even though Gabby is extremely shy, she wants to do her job to share the 'Story of Grace' with everyone. So share, share, share please.


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  2. Blogged about you guys today! So proud of you Gabby- we are working hard to get your message out and trusting God to do the rest.:)

    1. Thanks Katie for sharing Gabby's video and sharing our heart "Until the Whole World Hears!" We have been praying for every single person that has watched or is going to watch the video and asking God to prepare hearts & work in them. His love knows no limits! <3