Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did YOU feel it?

Nope I didn't feel the 5.9 earthquake but thanks to the many friends I have all over the place I saw on FB that some in Canada felt it. Some in VA felt it as well as some family in the Carolinas.  My thoughts...Crazy!  And far too close to home for my taste.

I think it is about time for me to get an emergency kit prepared that sits on a shelf in the basement.  That means I must get moving in decluttering the junk from down there.  Way too much stuff to keep and we need to have something in place just in case we get some super terrible storm so out the door the junk goes.  I believe that the Red Cross has an emergency kit checklist.  And since I love and live by checklists I will be using it to prepare our kit.  Probably should set a goal date to have it all ready by. Maybe within 3 weeks. That should be plenty of time that I can get the space cleared out & 2 of 3 kids will be back to school.  That's my plan.  Check out the Red Cross website. They have great info to help prepare people for emergencies.

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