Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun Fitness for Kids

This morning I did my 55 EZ Turbo Fire Class and when I was nearly done, Morgan came to the basement to find me.  She started to try the moves I was doing & then quit.  I think she got frustrated & gave up. After I was finished, I asked if she wanted to exercise too & she said YES! So I popped in the Shaun T's Fit Kids Club DVD & exercised for about 25 minutes with my 4 year old.

It is recommended for ages 7 and up but I have always taken those to be "suggestions" when it comes to things for my kiddos.  Morgan was slightly uncoordinated when it came to the moves but was starting to get the hang of it as the video neared the end.  I think she got tired when there was only about 3 minutes & was about to quit when I told her she just had 3 minutes left.  She kicked it into high gear & finished it strong. The video has 2 workouts on it.  We've only tried the first one so far.  I must say that it does work the abs & has fairly simple moves.  Shaun breaks it down so it is simple & fun & most kids & even adults won't realize how much of a workout they are getting because it truly is enjoyable.  We'll be doing more of that in our house, especially when the older 2 get home.

Oh, and I found out a cool thing that I'm totally excited about.  Since I'm a Beachbody coach, I can do a fundraiser with the school & for each Shaun T's Fit Kids Club DVD that is purchased, 40% goes to the school for the fundraiser.  If you are interested in this for your school or know someone that is, please contact me.  What a great way to help our kids & even parents get moving, get fit, & end the trend!

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