Monday, August 1, 2011

Not so Typical Monday

Last  night I made more of an effort to get to bed at a decent time.  Before 11pm is good for me most days.  Last night I was successful with this goal.  This morning I woke up just before my alarm went off at about 6:30am & was trying to hard to get out of bed.  I have been sleep deprived over the last few days because I wanted to spend as much time with our family that came to visit as possible & was trying to get some Vista print stuff ordered the other night.  Well, it caught up to me.  I'm not as young as I look is all I have to say.

I headed downstairs to my new workout area to put my video in & do some stretching.  My body really needed it.  Only I found out that I had a problem.  No remote for the DVD player.  Now normally that wouldn't be a problem right?  One can just push buttons on the front & make it work.  Well, not in this case.  It's a DVD & VCR player & since I had stored the machine in the basement for months b/c we had been using our PS3 for a DVD player upstairs we weren't using it & the remote was misplaced.  I searched  high & low for it.  NOTHING. I even had my husband looking for it before work.  So I switched to a different DVD play that was in the basement to get 5 mins into the workout & find out why we put it in the basement in the first place. It was a glitchy & annoying.  I know it wasn't my dvd because I had already played the first workout on the other machine when I was trying to get it to the 2nd workout.  I was hoping it would jump to it after playing through the 1st one.  NOPE.  So finally my 7 year old son woke up & came downstairs.  I said something to him & wouldn't you know he ran & brought me the remote right away.  It was in the remote control holder the whole time & in my state of forgetfulness that I can sometimes be in, I had forgotten it was there.  Needless to say by the time this whole fiasco was done, I had NO time to do my stretching workout with my new yoga socks & in my new space so I shut everything off, put the laundry away & got ready for the day with every intention to head back to the basement later today to get my stretching in.  I will not miss it today. My body is calling for a nice long stretch & I plan to listen.  After all, I keep telling my kids to listen to their body so I need to lead by example & listen to mine.

To add to my non-typical Monday, I had a friend come over & watch my kids so I could head to the church building & get a few things done.  My husband & I recently took over the Children ministry after our youth pastor moved to a new church.  And I am currently camp coordinator so I have had to make sure that everything is ready for camp next week.  I ran a few errands & got back just as my daughter's friend was being dropped off for a playdate for a few hours this afternoon.  It didn't take long for the kids to start running all over in the house.  I had to laugh because it wasn't like we added a ton more kids & I knew it was from excitement.  After about 3 mins of that, I put an end to the running before someone got hurt.  So now I am getting some work done at my desk.  Clearing off my desk & organizing things so I can be more productive this week with my family as well as my ministry job & my Beachbody business.

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