Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well, I finally did it. I just ordered a TON of stuff from Vistaprint for my business.  I'm excited & hope that it doesn't really take them as long as it says it might in the shipping section.

On a side note, I finished the Shakeology Cleanse yesterday & was down 4.2 lbs.  Definitely on my way to my goal weight.  Do you have a specific number in mind?  I don't. I have a 'in the area' number because I'm not sure what the scale will say & I don't really care but I would like to be comfy in my body again because I prefer not to have so many aches & pains.  Turbo Fire routines as well as Shakeology have helped immensely with decreasing the aches I had but I still have some & I'd like them to go away altogether if I could.  I'm sure what is left will continue lessening as I get in better shape.

Join me in the Wowy Gym to workout.  You can even be entered to win cash or prizes.  Nothing like getting rewarded from someone else for choosing to be healthy! Woohoo Beachbody for providing the opportunity to win great prizes & encourage people to be healthy.

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