Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Be Still...

Here's a bold statement but a true one. If you don't take time with God, you are missing out. Each day that I take time with God, it looks different. Some days when I have time with God, it includes me praying, singing praises to God, reading the Bible, reading a devotion, listening to a sermon, etc. Not every day is the same, just like not all my days in the life as a wife & mom are the same. I don't always sit down and just be still. I mean, really be quiet and listen to God. It can be hard. I'm used to talking through prayer to God. But today I knew that I needed a vision to go along with the "word" that God had given me. At first I thought that the vision I had before of the darkness of the cancer turning into light might be it but when I asked and waited, I think that was only part of it but not the complete vision of the promise fulfilled. So I sat quietly and waited and waited. I'm used to having several other people around me and things being busy and semi-noisy so being still was slightly difficult but so worth it. And then I saw it. It was really cool and goes right along with what ministry that God has called us to do and that made it even more exciting to me. I'm not going to share in detail the vision today, mostly because it's new to me and I want to ponder on it but I'm sure sometime down the road, I'll share it with all of you in hopes of encouraging you.

So today I received a "vision" to go with the "word" that God gave to me months ago and today I meditated on both of them together before Sadie woke up. Then Adam picked me up to go meet the doctor at 10:15 The appointment didn't take long. I had been praying for a little extra time for God's promise to manifest and I got a yes on the time part. The doctor contacted Ann Arbor and the doctor down there said that she would see me this week, either Thursday or Friday in Ann Arbor and then bring my case to the meeting on Monday with a large group of doctors that consist of Oncologists, Radiologists, Surgeons, etc.  It sounds like they will discuss possible treatment options, possible pros and cons of the options and get back with us sometime next week.  I felt quite at peace with this development. I feel that this gives me just a few more days to spend time meditating on the "word" and "vision" God has given me and allows me a few days to receive the miraculous healing He has for me before the appointment. I'm praising God for this opportunity. I know it's near my grasp.

My prayer today;  Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. Soften my heart to receive the healing you've already done. Align my heart and body up with the promises in your word and the word you gave to me last year. Thank you for being so awesome & always with me. I praise you Lord for growing me in your word and truth. You are so good! In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. Hey! Just getting caught up on everything. I was able to read one when we were in Florida, but wanted to really take the time to take them in. As you said, not the absolutely best news overall, but brought a smile to read about all those areas that are NOT lighting up!! And this news today is so encouraging about them seeing you this week and the meeting. Putting all those heads together can only lead to good things! Though I have not been vocalizing it near enough, thinking about you and sending all the love and healing EVERY day. :muchlove Thank you for updating. Anxious to hear what they come up with to present to you after this meeting.

  2. Jeannette, You are welcome to stay with us as you travel to and from Ann Arbor. Let us know if that will be possible for you. Know you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Andrew and I live less than 2 miles from the UM Health System. You are welcome to stay with us and consider our place your home away from home. Praying for you!