Wednesday, May 20, 2015

He's not done yet!

So last week when I shared that there was that new receptor and they told me I would have to have an iv to get the meds I was kinda ok with that. Yesterday when I went in to have my labs drawn to check my calcium and creatinine and to get the bone strengthening shot, I was told by the doctor that to get those meds that I was going to have to start chemo treatments for 12 weeks. Talk about a smack in the face. I'll be honest, I cried and it was hard to have to share that news with my husband, my parents, and especially my kids. But there is something welling up inside of me at the devil right now, I think some would call it a righteous indignation against him stealing even more from me. I attended the healing/teaching by Dr. Nichols again last night. This morning, I think that the tumor has shrunk again. I had Adam check it too and he said yes. Glory to GOD! Praise to HIM!

On Sunday evening when I was prayed over at the healing service, I was told that there is some bitterness that I need to deal with. On Monday night I then talked with a dear special lady who helped me figure out in my spirit who the person or persons I needed to forgive were and I spent that night and yesterday praying and giving over any hurts to God. Last night I was prayed over again. This morning I watched a dvd with an amazing testimony of a young lady who was near death and received a miracle from God in an instantaneous healing. She had seen a vision that God would heal her progressively and when she was told that God wanted to heal her instantly she prayed about it and asked why the conflicting message. God told her that he was meeting her where she was at with her faith and when her heart changed to have her faith move with God's grace that is always there, she was completely and instantly healed. WOW! God knows what we need and meets us where we're at all the time. I'm pushing to move my faith to line up with God's grace of a miracle, an instant healing because in all honesty, I don't want chemotherapy. I don't want any of the stuff that comes with that way of treatment. I don't want any of the surgeries or anything else. Not because I am fearful of them, not because of vanity but because I am angry at satan and I don't want him to keep steeling from me. He no longer has that right over me. I am standing firm that I believe God has healed me and I will continue to follow his lead as he guides me.
GREATER is HE that is in me than he that is in the world!

Can't take much more time. I have a field trip to have fun on with a bunch of kids. My vision of healing showed me that I was actively playing with kids with Adam. Not just mine but other kids. And like I said, that goes along with what God has called Adam & me to do. Minister to kids & their families. Praise God! He's my HERO!

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