Monday, May 4, 2015

Results from scan & decisions pending

Happy Star Wars Day to all the SW geeks out there.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I had the scan done on Wed and we met with the doctor to get the results. The doctor put the scan from Wednesday as well as the one from 18 months ago up on the computer screen to compare them. The doctor said that the newest scan showed that the  original site was active again as well as the lymph node in the right arm pit and a new spot showed up on my tailbone. Because of these being active again, it is his recommendation to change the treatment plan to a different medication or medications. Adam asked him some questions and we are to meet with him on Tuesday in Escanaba to get more information and make a decision based on the information he was collecting. A call was being put in to Ann Arbor for a 2nd opinion and a call to the breast Surgeon to see if I should have the surgery done now or if it is even possible.  This was not the news I was hoping to hear but on the good side, these were the ONLY places that lit up on the scan. All the places that it was found in the bone when I had the initial scan done 18 months ago didn't light up this time! We commented that must be really good. We were told, medically speaking, that they don't know microscopically what is there and it could just be sleeping. I personally believe that those bones are healed and that's why they didn't have anything that showed up in them. To GOD be ALL GLORY!!!!

We stood in agreement with some friends at church yesterday and prayed that the cancer be cursed to death.  I know God is healing me just like he said he would. Please pray for wisdom for us and the doctors as we have to make decisions. Please pray that my heart be softened to accepting the entire body healing that I believe God has waiting for me. Please pray that any unbelief be removed. God is sooooo good.  I feel great! I don't have much pain and when I do, it's not bad and I just pray and it goes away.  I want to be receptive to God's best and I don't think that I am quite there. I'm trying to be transparent here because I'm sure there are others that can relate or need encouragement in their own journey and I know that with grace and faith working together, I will have the evidence of what I hope for and be certain of what I do not yet see and being honest and transparent will show my faith to others as this complete healing manifests in my body soon. :)


  1. Continued prayers and standing in hope with you!

  2. Keeping you uplifted in prayers. Yes Amen may God's best be yours in Jesus' name
    Love, hugs and prayers. Auntie Carol