Saturday, November 2, 2013

Never thought that I'd be.....

Ordering a catalog of wigs to pick a hairdo that I like. I've been warned that people usually lose their hair with the chemo treatments I'm supposed to start in a few short weeks.  I like shopping but this is a whole new experience for me.  I've put on a few wigs in my past, ones that were fun & crazy for costumes but nothing because I've lost my hair.  This is new and a little shocking but I will take it step by step.  Who knows, it would be cool if my hair grew back as the beautiful auburn color I grew up with until about my 3rd or 4th year of college when it started darkening.  No matter what happens, hair grows back and that's just what I keep telling myself.  However my biggest concern is not for myself but rather for my children & husband.  To me, it's just hair. It is a part of me but when I lose my hair, it will show that the chemo is working to tell the cells that have been doubling themselves like crazy to STOP.  I will still have my smile, my brown eyes, my high cheek bones, & my button nose but will have to borrow some hair for awhile.  All will be okay.  So for now, I treat this just about like any other online or catalog shopping I do. I educate myself to buy the best quality for the price that I am willing or able to pay.  Thankfully I have a hair stylist that has helped others & is so generously helping me maneuver this with love, kindness, gentleness, patience, & a good sense of humor.  I am blessed!

Today my baby sister Natalie came over to help out. She washed dishes, changed diapers, hung & folded laundry, helped carry large items that we have for sale out of the game room in the basement. She is a sweet & loving sister. I count the world a better place since she was born. :)

A shout out to my sister Renee` who got her kids ready for school on Monday after working late and then drove over to the place where our first appointment was on Monday.  She took Sadie to the store to look at toys to distract her while we met with the breast specialist for nearly 2 hours. Then rode with us when we went to St. Vincent hospital for the whirlwind of appointments they were able to schedule for us. She sat patiently in the van while Sadie slept for what I'm sure felt like a bazillion hours.  While Sadie slept she wet her diaper & it leaked & since it seldom does that, I never thought to bring extra clothes so Auntie took her to the store, bought her new clothes & then changed her diaper & freshened her up.  Then she had us stay the night on Thursday so we'd be able to get up & head to the hospital for the surgery & tests on Friday morning at 6am.  And then she came over to the hospital to sit with Adam & Sadie until I finished.

I'm not parents have been amazing, especially my mom who has shown me such strength & faith as she has walked through medical things herself & with some of us growing up. She has come to our aid in the past when Morgan was born with breathing problems & spent 25 days in the NICU in Green Bay.  My mom has Multiple Sclerosis which tires her out & makes it harder for her to get around and yet she dropped everything to come stay the night & watch our kids. Get them off to school & then spent the day cleaning our house & made sure to be home for them to reassure them that mom & dad would be home soon to see them. She has a faith that to me has always seemed to be unwavering.  Growing up, I saw her pray, I saw her trust God to get us through the tough times & now I lean on her, my brave & wonderful mom to help me with the months ahead.  God knew what he was doing when he placed me in the family that he did.  Thank you mom I LOVE you!!!  And my mom wouldn't be the person she is without my dad's love & support so thank you pappy! I Love you too!


  1. Go for something fun! Go blonde or black, something you have never done before and probably never do again! Make it part of the adventure!

  2. Jet, your stunning beauty will shine brighter than ever through this! Something I've seen others do, when the loss of hair begins, shave it off. So much more empowering to do it yourself and take control of it than having to watch it the process. Maybe a wig initiation party!! ;)
    Your amazing family is showing exactly what family is meant to be, soak it up! <3
    P.S . . . how about black, short, dramatic, and mysterious . . . very who's that lady? LOL! ;)

  3. Jeannette - You are such an inspiration to everyone!! You are so strong and leaning on the Lord is the way.....your parents taught you that and now you have to walk this road. I wish that you didn't....I will join you in praying you through this.

    I agree with Tammy as I have heard that it is good to shave your own head....I hope that you can find balance in taking care of yourself and your family and letting them take care of you.

    Praying for your family as you all adjust.
    <3 - Dawn

  4. Jeanette, I am inspired by you. You have the faith to pull this off very graciously. You Mom and Dad are so awesome too. All my prayers are for you. May God lead you where you need to be and God Bless your husband, children and other family though all of this. I love you sweetheart. In Jesus name!

  5. Jeannette...I teared up as I read your posts...but am so thankful you have such a strong faith in God. He is with you. I pray he gives you courage, strength, and the healing we are all praying for. Amen!

  6. When my mother-in-law was going through chemo, she asked if I would but her hair up in rollers. I said sure. As she sat with her curler box and a mirror in front of her, she reached up and pulled a clump of hair and handed to me.. She laughed and got me laughing. I treasure that moment of courage and faith. By the way- her hair came back fuller and curlier later. We are all praying for you.

  7. It is so like you to be showing your gratitude to others, and appreciating all of the little things, while you are going through so much! ((BIG HUGS)) to you, my friend. Yes, you are blessed, and we are blessed to have YOU.

  8. Jennette you are in my thoughts and prayers,God will give you what you need to get threw this.with your strong faith let you find peace in all that happens,and your wonderfull family will be at your side threw all the changes

  9. You're in our hopes and prayers, Jeannette. You're a fighter and I have faith you'll get through this.

    On the topic of wigs, The best part is that you have awesome cheekbones, so if you do lose it, you won't have to wear a wig for long, because you can totally pull off that pixie look. :)

    Keep your spirits up.