Monday, November 25, 2013

Wish I was...

More clever at coming up with titles for my posts.  I lack in the creativity area and instead just type from my heart & experiences.  So I'm thankful that is what many of you are looking for & enjoy.

Today was a great day physically. I felt pretty good & was able to do things and not have my body feel as though it were aching so badly.  Good thing because Braly was home from school with this crazy cold that seems to keep grabbing each of us and not wanting to let go.  He was tired when he got up. Didn't eat as good as he usually does & then rested & watched Sadie's shows until about 11am. I think he started to feel better or he was just thoroughly bored with her shows so he messed on the computer a little.  Sadie fell asleep for a bit, I had a friend come to visit for a little bit & take the trash out and then I talked Braly into letting me shave his head & cut his nails. He dislikes getting his hair cut so for him to say yes made me happy.  I trimmed up Sadie's hair too. Now to take Morgan to get hers cut. She has been trying to grow her hair for a few years but it hasn't gotten as long as she'd like and she keeps sucking on it which I think is totally gross so I told her I'd take her to get it cut. She finally said yes tonight so I need to remember to call for an appointment.  I think we'll try to get our family picture taken after Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to get the bone strengthening shot and perhaps find out if my doctor was able to get Ann Arbor to schedule me for Dec 6th or if I still have to wait until the 19th.  I'd like to see what they have to say but just taking everything in stride. Not much else I can do except rely on God's timing.

Thankful for all the prayers and laying of  hands on me yesterday. I truly believe that is why I had a good day today & why I had a good day last Monday. I told Adam that I may have some friends start coming over on Tuesdays for a small group & I'm sure we'll pray.  I'd love to have another great day because of prayer. If that's the case, I may schedule people to come over & pray every other day of the week. ;)

The kids were so wonderful, for the most part this evening. I appreciated them working together to pick things up & help each other out. It was nice to see that & feel the teamwork rather than arguing that has sort of taken over for too long.  I am still working on getting them back into the habit of devotions each day. And I am sad to say that they seem annoyed with me making them read or listen. I think that they just don't get how important the quiet time with God is and I want to model that & teach them. I haven't always been the best example for this so I am trying to change that & am getting resistance.  But some things that are worth while don't come easy so I press on & keep trying.  I believe that I am far more persistent than my children when it comes to many things & they will not wear me down to quitting.  Not now, not in this season of my life when I am a fighter & learning to be ever so thankful.

Tomorrow my kids have school but once they get home, we have a few days vacation. Too bad Adam doesn't as that would be delightful for all of us.  He works so hard to take care of us & provide insurance, our home, food, clothes, and so much more.  He is amazing & I am so very thankful for his hard work & dedication. I respect him for his integrity and I think he's a huge blessing!!!

My devotion says that I should thank God frequently because this practice makes it possible to pray without ceasing.  I think that's the key to teaching my children to pray for more than 2 minutes. Help them think of all the people and things they are thankful for.  They've asked me how I can pray for such a long time and I told them, well, I'm good at talking, I enjoy doing it, so maybe that's why I'm good at praying. I just keep talking to God like he's my best friend. I tell him about how I'm feeling. Ask him to take care of certain people, certain situations, bless some, love on some, reveal himself to some, soften the hearts of others, show his truth & wisdom, and so much more.  For me, it doesn't seem hard to pray. So maybe sharing those kinds of things will help bring an ah-ha moment to my children in the not so distant future.  For now, I pray for each of them & that they will find that connection with God like I have...well maybe even more so, because that would be really cool!

So tonight, I leave you with 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

May you find just how deep, how wide, how great, & how awesome God's love is for YOU today!

Jetta :)

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  1. You are a wonderful mother, friend and so much more. Your circumstance makes me want to cry but reading your blogs lifts me up and makes me keep praying for you and me and many others. Much Love Your friend Alisa