Thursday, November 14, 2013

To clarify the spelling of my name. Lol

I debated whether to even share this or not.  It doesn't really bother me that people misspell my name or even mispronounce my name all the time.  Heck, I even answer to any of my sister's names too.  Kinda got used to that growing up in a house with 3 other girls and my mom or dad going through the list of our names or even coming up with creative mixed names for us and finally saying "which ever one you are!"  I don't want to make anyone feel bad if they've always misspelled my name and never realized it.  The ONLY reason I'm even writing this is because when people find out they've been spelling my name wrong for a very long time, they feel bad and say, "Why did you never tell me this?"  Well, it's not a huge deal to me.  I go by so many nicknames too that even though I truly love the name my parents gave to me and the spelling, I don't let little things like this get to me.  So in a fun way, I will tell you how to remember how to spell my name.  At least I find it kinda fun. lol

Ever hear of an old show called The Original Mickey Mouse Club?  Do you know the name of one of the most popular girls on there? She starred in some beach movies with Frankie Avalon.  Well, most people can spell her name with no problem.  All you have to do for mine is add 2 letters in front of hers.  Je +Annette  = Jeannette.  Yup, my name has 2 Ns in it.  Even if this doesn't stick in your mind, no worries.  Do you know that I've tried for a long time to get the pharmacy to change the spelling of my name & they still can't get it right.  Oh well.  So if you are trying to tag me in something on Facebook & you can't figure out may have missed an N in the middle.  Have a good laugh & a great day! ;)


  1. I just realized it did you like the card I sent? When I put two n's and then crossed one out and put "oops" then sent it and THEN realized that it was spelled right when I thought it was wrong! Love this post!